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Algowire Trading Academy - A leader in investing and trading education

Algowire Trading Academy provides training for career in financial markets. Rated as one of the best Financial Market institute in Delhi by our associates for training in Capital market; the academy was founded by alumni from leading colleges on India and is backed up by SHARE INDIA GROUP.

Algowire Trading Academy helps its candidates learn arbitrage trading and be self-sufficient traders in the stock, option and commodity market. We are focused on preparing financial market professionals for the field of Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading.

Our mentors focus on developing holistic view for students to learn arbitrage trading by focusing on technical analysis, risk management, hedging and arbitrage strategies. Our human capital has amalgamated experience from different sections of financial markets which makes us a leader of financial market institute in Delhi. We offer professional instruction in all of our state-of-the-art teaching facilities, as well as a wide array of home study materials.

Algowire Academy of Capital Market is the pioneer and market leader in financial market education and training.

Our Mission: Our mission is to help individuals from varied fields to benefit from technological innovations and get accustomed to the world of Automated Trading. We are committed to developing industry wide course material that would help our participants in their employment prospects and strengthen their professional career in financial market.

Our Philosophy: We believe in using technology to develop consistency and thereby enabling consistent earnings from stock market. We give our candidates unique experience of live trading sessions via our business partners.

Core Values:

  • - Enable employment in financial markets
  • - Excellence in learning
  • - Exhaustive course content