We Are Professional

Algowire Trading Academy - A leader in investing and trading education.

Our faculty comprises many of the most reputable practitioners from the industry who bring to the table their years of experience and unique insights. They are experts in their respective fields, and facilitate lively discussions allowing participant to share their insights and experiences with the class. They address complex real life questions, leading to the creation of knowledge and ideas that vastly advance the domain of financial markets and prepare students to be thoughtful and effective leaders. Our faculty are not just renowned experts in their fields, they are also expert at passing on their skills. At Algowire Trading Academy, our faculty's inspirational talent in the classroom is as important as their domain knowledge.

Mr. Sachin Gupta - COO and Mentor

Mr. Sachin Gupta, a Management Graduate by qualification and the COO of the Group. He is a young, hard working and dedicated team leader, who knows his job well. He is the real reason behind the commendable spurt in gross revenues achieved by the group in the recent past, has a vast and rich experience in financial market.

Mr. Naveen Shukla - Arbitrage Trainer

Mr. Naveen Shukla has a trading experience of over 8 years in stock markets on arbitrage strategies in index and stock futures & options. He has a experience of various trading software those provided by exchanges. He has a great ability to improve your analytical skills and trading behavior in an practical and efficient way. He teaches like an analyst and trades like a trader. He focuses more on building strong foundation, work on your psychology and equips you with all the tools, techniques and theories. He has made learning highly practical and applied.

Guest Faculty - Instructor

Almost any form of knowledge ethics discussion can be significantly enhanced by including representation of diverse perspectives of other senior faculty. At Algowire Trading Academy, we accomplish it by inviting the guest faculty to take full responsibility for a specific lecture or topic, it will often be more useful to simply invite them to bring their perspectives and experience to the discussion. The key is that the purpose of their presence is to bring real world experience to the table.